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October 29, 2005


Dead Daedalus

Some people want to be the knight of wide-reknown, others wish to be the nameless thief in the shadows.
Freedom of identity is possibly the most important right of any online player, (though it doesn't explicity appear
on the rather useless-looking Second Life Bill of Rights) but the effect of freeing up the game economies means that
these economies are no longer 'virtual' and will have a poisonous effect on the role of identity and heurism. If its not
virtual its not a game, and if its not a game, pretty soon its not fun either. It's just another job. Another fixed identity
we become bound to. (As in eBay, you need to know the person you buy from, they must be known to be trustworthy.
Online communities seem in this light pointless in comparison to online games which neccessarily
allow for multiple, simultaneous possible identities; for what has been called by Filiciak the hyperidentity. I do not expect
a major merging of all online game worlds but rather increased diversification and demarcation of genre across which players will situate themselves, with the most glaring boundary being between worlds with opened and closed markets.

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